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Treat your skin to Gua Sha

Contour and sculpt

Did you know that with the correct techniques and regular practice Gua Sha can 👇🏾

• Reduce visible puffiness and dark circles, usually a result of excess and trapped fluids

• Improve circulation, bringing oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to skin cells

• Reduce tension in facial muscles, softening the face and reducing the formation of harsh expression lines

• Promote skin clarity, clearing acne and congestion, a result of improving the circulation of lymph and thereby eliminating toxins

• Expedite the healing of pimples and other skin issues

• Reduce visible signs of inflammation caused by excess impurities in the lymph

• Strengthen cells to improve collagen production

• Improve skin radiance and brightens complexion

• Contour, and sculpt the appearance of face for a more refined features

• Visibly lift and tighten skin

• Prepare the skin to better accept topical products for deeper and accelerated penetration

• Relieve headaches and sinus congestion

• Relax your body and nervous system to reduce stress anxiety

@offthelabelbeauty via Instagram says

'This is legit one of the best additions to my beauty shelf👌🏽'⁣

Have you ever used a #guasha? (Pronounced gwahh shaaah). I can’t recommend it enough, especially if you’re a jaw tenser stress head like me!! 🥴⁣

I’m using Lani’s Beauty Stone. Bian stones come from meteorite stone and contain up to 40 trace minerals which produce negative ions and thermal conductivity.⁣

When rubbed against the skin the stone gives out ultrasonic impulses (wow so cool) which boosts microcirculation. Bian stones product 3 x as many pulses compared to jade and rose quartz stones!⁣
5 amazing reasons

Why you’ll want to incorporate Gua sha into your routine 👇⁣

A Gua Sha ritual is extremely grounding. The slow pace of the movement and gentle touch are deeply relaxing, instantly activating your parasympathetic (relaxed) nervous state. Using Gua Sha as a medium to tune in to yourself truly transforms this cosmetic treatment into a truly stress relieving + grounding ritual.⁣

Most people hold lots of tension in their face and neck. Using deep pressure with a Gua Sha stone can really get into sticky knotted areas to release held muscular tension, thus allowing muscles to do their supportive jobs properly. It also can be a great tool for TMJ and headache sufferers. ⁣

Gua Sha can be used to clear blockages in meridian channels, which connect our organs together and transport both blood and chi (life force). The channels need to be clear in order to work harmoniously and for chi to flow well throughout the body. Gua Sha imparts a truly holistic effect on the body. The manual movement stimulates our lymphatic system, helping organs function optimally by breaking up stagnation, flowing debris and toxins within the body for easier expulsion. ⁣

The unique edges of our Beauty Stone work perfectly to lift, sculpt and tighten the skin. Use it regular and you may help prevent the signs of aging such as sagging, dull and wrinkled skin. Since Gua Sha helps to stimulate circulation, the technique itself oxygenates and carries nutrients to the skin cells. The increased blood flow resulting from Gua Sha contributes to a more lively, plumped up and youthful appearance.⁣

@bareskinconcept via Instagram says

'I promise you it will change your approach to skin care'

‘Gua sha is an ancient Chinese healing technique that stimulates microcirculation of the soft tissue, which increases blood flow. Gua sha is intended to address 气 qi, which in Chinese philosophy is a source of vital energy, that needs to be nurtured and balanced 🧘‍♀️.
It also moves lymphatic fluids and breaks down tension in muscles. That means improved blood flow and less puffiness ✨ Not to mention, it is super relaxing 💛 I promise you, it will change your approach to skincare, and general self-care’
A relaxing ritual

Incredibly beneficial

Those who do gua sha regularly are converts! Taking the time to ‘massage’ your skin is incredibly beneficial, not only does it benefit the health of your skin, it’s a deeply relaxing ritual 💤

So why is our Beauty Stone so special you wonder?🤔

Besides being made out of rare bian stone,
the two combed sides set our Beauty Stone apart from most gua sha tools…💎 ⁣

👉 The fine comb edged side is intended to use on wrinkles and fine lines. Use in the way you’d use an eraser and wiggle quickly going against the wrinkle. So if the wrinkle is horizontal use the stone vertically. This creates what’s called dermal friction and helps to increase circulation on the surface of the skin.

👉🏻 The wider teeth side works wonders for releasing tension on the neck and the shoulders but can of course be used on the face too.⁣

Using the wider teeth edged side of the stone start with downward strokes on each side of the neck, moving from just below the hairline to the top of the shoulders.

Now move to the sides of the throat and stroke downwards from just below the jar to above the collarbone.

Next, ‘hug’ the jawline with the curved edge of the stone and stroke upwards and outwards.

Now using the flat side of the stone, move to the lower cheek and stroke in an upward and outward direction.

Move to the upper check and stroke in an upward and outward direction.

Now ‘hug’ your browbone with the curved edge of the stone and stroke outward toward the temples.

Move to the forehead, using upward and outward strokes starting from above your eyebrows to the hairline.

At the end of each stroke, give the tool a little wiggle to help release tension.

To support lymphatic drainage, sweep down the sides of you throat at the end of your ritual.

Top Tip:
Use the tooth edged sides of the stone to focus on areas where you hold more tension and to help with the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Use light side to side wiggle movements on areas of concern.

100% Bian Stone

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