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Polish & Exfoliate

Gently does it!

Our 🥥 Polish exfoliates and polishes your skin without causing damage to leave your skin looking smooth and glowing.

👉🏽 Did you know that many skin polishes/exfoliants contain large irregular shaped particles that can cause micro tears to the skin which gradually weaken the skin’s barrierleading to dry, flaky patches, irritation and even sensitivity?

🚫 The ingredients in scrubs to look out for to avoid are ground up shells, fruit pits and the likes.

@michele.fuganti via Instagram says

"The scent of Lani's Coconut Face Polish gives off a truly tropical vibe"

‘ The scent of Lani’s Coconut Face Polish gives off a truly tropical vibe which makes me remind of those warm days spent in the beach back in Brazil 🏖.

It leaves my skin feeling as smooth as a freshly polished floor 😃.
Don’t overestimate the power of the tiny particles. They give a really good scrub and get to work on the tired skin cells removing all debris accumulated. This hasn’t irritated my skin at all. Refined and radiant skin is what I feel.⁣

It does what it says in the jar and I can’t wait to try more Lani products.⁣

🌴 Lani stands for natural, vegan and cruelty-free. The brand is also multi-award winning and all the products are packaged into glass bottles and jars.⁣

🥥 This amazing brand has also donated to over 20 charities to date.’
Dry or dehydrated skin?

4 Reasons you'll fall in love with Coconut Face Polish

The finest powder to help your skin get in its best shape ever. Our 🥥 Polish deeply cleanses, subtly exfoliates and hydrates for a thorough, yet softening and smoothing cleanse. ⁣

The secret to its super effective formula lies in the perfect blend of nourishing coconut milk, organic white rice and brightening vitamin C. ⁣

Use it a couple of times a week for silky smooth skin that looks refined and glowing…


This one 👇🏾

Removes dead skin cells

Mattifies skin

Hydrates skin

Improves skin texture and tone

@alli_loves_skincare via Instagram says

"It turns into a creamy tropical delight that buffs away dullness and impurities, leaving your face feeling clean and smooth."

⁣Have you been on any tropical beach vacations this year? 🌴 I am guessing not many have, including myself. Since I’m missing the beach, I notice myself leaning towards products that make me feel like I am somewhere exotic🌴. Lani’s Tropical Coconut Face Polish 🥥 is one of those products. This physical cleanser is a blend of nourishing coconut milk powder and smoothing rice powder mixed with vitamin C for brightening. Just add water & it turns into a creamy tropical delight that buffs away dullness and impurities, leaving your face feeling clean and smooth. ⠀

It’s a very fine powder that softly removes dull buildup. I find it helpful in removing dry skin patches that can be a result of tretinoin & wearing masks.

I mix about a tablespoon of product with water until combined. Then I apply it to my face & wash away all my cares while dreaming of palm trees, soft sand and a blue/green ocean 🌊. Sometimes I have mixed this with a drop of oil in addition to the water which is nice. You can also use this as a mask (gently massage on your face, let it sit & then rinse) or a body polish.

This is definitely a wonderful natural way to clean your skin & it’s affordable. Plus the packaging is sustainable, their motto is “Beauty that doesn’t cost the earth”.

For Silky Smooth Skin

Polish don't scrub🤚🏽!

Perfect for combo skin, skin prone to breakouts, and a dull complexion our creamy, sweet and super gentle 🥥 Polish is incredibly effective at sloughing away dead skin cells leaving your complexion mattified, cleansed and smoothed in an instant. ⁣⁣

Simply add a tsp of powder to your palms, add a few drops of 💦 and gently massage the heavenly scented paste into either dry or damp skin for around one minute. Rinse and follow with one of our serums for a glowing complexion…

Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Milk Powder*
Oryza Sativa (Rice) Powder
Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Water*
Sodium Bicarbonate
Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)

*Organic ingredient

Mix ½ – 1 tsp. with a few drops of water to make a paste. Apply to clean and dry skin in circular motions and massage gently for up to one minute. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

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