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100% Organic

Double layer & re-usable

Our double layer, organic, re-usable bamboo face cloth is not only the softest cloth around, it’s also incredibly versatile (and affordable at £3.99)!⁣

Use it to 👇⁣

• Remove masks from your skin⁣

• Buff and gently exfoliate skin⁣

• Remove any facial cleanser⁣

• Remove eye make up⁣

• Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to the wet (hand hot water) wash cloth and place over your face and take deep breaths

@bonnie_mel10 via Instagram says

'This is the nicest cloth I've ever used! It's so soft☁️!'

This is the nicest cloth I’ve ever used! It’s so soft☁️! I use it with Juice Cleanse and it’s amazing!’

Created using 100% organic, highly sustainable bamboo fibres, our double layer cloth is incredibly kind to your complexion and the environment and, as it’s more gentle than a standard muslin, it’s a much better choice for you if you have very dry or even sensitive skin.

Other than using the cloth with Juice Cleanse, you can use it to effortlessly remove our masks or the Blue Mint Cleanser. The cloth is of amazing quality, washes easily and will last for ages making it a super eco friendly option ♻️.

Ditch the wipes

Be kind to the planet with a re-usable cloth 👇🏾

Did you know that an estimated 11 billion wet wipes are used every year in the UK alone 😱!⁣

Wipes are used for removing make-up, cleaning all types of surfaces, looking after babies’ bottoms and also to apply insect repellent or sunscreen and by 2021, the global industry is set to be worth £16.5 billion.⁣

The wipes that are flushed, clog up pipes and sewers and contribute to giant fatbergs. This then makes sewage systems overflow and other plastics spill into our waterways and seas, putting marine life at risk.⁣

Those that are discarded in the bins will often end up in landfill 🗑 or get incinerated, contributing to carbon emissions.⁣

Try planet friendly alternatives such as our organic bamboo super soft cloth 🙂.

Naturally anti-bacterial

The softest face cloth ever!

The softest face cloth ever… ☁️

• Perfect for using with the Juice Cleanse Facial Cleansing Oil or the Blue Mint Cleansimg Powder

• Gently buffs away dead skin cells

• Super soft, naturally antibacterial face cloth

• Made from sustainable bamboo fibres

• Ideal for dry or sensitive skin

• 100% organic: kinder to your face and the planet

• Comes with its own hook for hanging up after each use

To keep the cloth clean, simply machine wash on a gentle or wash by hand if you prefer.

100% Organic Bamboo

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